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Logical Homes is a small business therefore we do not have all the overheads and costs that a larger company may incur. From the first point of contact to handing over of your keys, you will be dealing directly with Brad.

Even with a tight budget, you can design and build a home that is energy efficient whilst having the space and features you need.

Choosing land suitable for the construction of you new home can make a difference to the final cost.

Building on sloping blocks will increase the construction costs depending on the angle of the slope. Whilst it can be expensive, construction on slopes can add character, give you great views, and features. Whilst it is tempting to dig into your block to level the site, you may spoil the character of your home, as only the roofline will be visible from the roadside, and possibly devaluing your home.

Flat blocks are less expensive to build on.

Orientation and Energy Efficient Design
Designing your home to face north will capture the winter sun.
Eaves provide shading during the warmer weather; they look better, add character and don’t cost much

Soil Classification
In some locations we recommend you obtain a soil test before you purchase your land. Depending on the soil classification, it could cost you in excess of $10,000 extra for some soil classifications for your slab, especially if you build on a slope.

Class M and S are cost effective foundation to build on. We will talk you through the best approach to build depending on your soil classification and slope.

Some builders may ask you to sign two contracts - a pre contract and a final contract. Be aware that you may have to pay to get out of a pre-contract arrangement. Also, in some cases, the costs may increase at the completion of the final contract as the 'additional costs' will be added between the pre and final contract stages.






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